SEPTEMBER 2012: Buy Raymond Williams' political thriller The Volunteers for 99p


We have a bargain for you this September. The Library of Wales classic The Volunteers has been selected by Amazon's Kindle store along with five more of Parthian's ebook titles to feature in their promotion '100 books under £2.99'.
For the whole of September new Library of Wales title The Volunteers, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Book Runner, A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind, Everything I Found on the Beach, Love and Other Possibilities, and The First XV are all available for only 99p!
Library of Wales classic, The Volunteers follows Lewis Redfern, once a radical, now a political analyst and journalist, as he investigates the deaths of a worker killed in the striking coalfields of Wales, and a government minister thought to be connected with the death, and pursues the sniper through an imbroglio of Civil Service leaks and international wheelings and dealings to secret organization – a source of insurrection far more powerful than anyone could have suspected – the Volunteers.
Let us know what you think of a Parthian ebook and you could win a free recent print title. Email for details.

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