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Library of Wales: Educational Resource Pack, (2006), £7.99, ISBN: 9781905762231.

An educational resource pack to accompany the titles in the Library of Wales series. This pack has been designed to help teachers introduce classic Welsh writing in English; aimed at students studying English GCSE and A Level.

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Mapping the Territory: Critical Approaches to Welsh Writing in English ed. Katie Gramich, (Cardigan: Parthian, 2010), £9.99, ISBN: 9781905762989. 


For further illumination and ruminations on the Library of Wales series, have a read of a collection of essays, edited by Katie Gramich, entitled Mapping the Territory: Critical Approaches to Welsh Writing in English published in December of 2010. This book of critical essays provides an invaluable map of the largely unexplored terrain of Welsh fiction in the twentieth century, moving from the classic industrial novel Cwmardy by Lewis Jones to more idiosyncratic voices such as Dorothy Edwards' Rhapsody. It includes pieces by leading critics such as M. Wynn Thomas, Stephen Knight, Tony Brown and David Lloyd as well as newer critical voices such as Laura Wainwright, Matthew Jarvis and Steve Hendon. The volume also includes a full suggested further reading list.


Katie Gramich also edits the indispensable Almanac: A Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English of which the latest edition, No. 15 in the series, will be published in September of this year. Almanac includes essays on the giants of Welsh Writing in English, including Gwyn Thomas, R.S. Thomas, Margiad Evans and Hilda Vaughan.



Get in contact with the Association of Welsh Writing in English. 



The Association for Welsh Writing in English was founded some thirty years ago. From the outset,  its aims have been to stimulate interest in Welsh writing in English in universities, schools, colleges, among the people of Wales and beyond. The Association has been active in arranging for the republication of texts long out of print, encouraging students to discover and analyse this rich body of writing and promoting awareness of Wales’s literary heritage. It organizes an annual weekend conference in the beautiful surroundings of Gregynog Hall, near Newtown in Powys.


The annual AWWE conference is open to everyone and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It offers an opportunity to meet and hear contemporary Welsh writers read their work and to listen to papers both by established scholars and postgraduate students at the forefront of research in the field. Readings and lectures are supplemented by fresh and lively discussions and debates. The conference has a different theme every year; next year’s theme is ‘Performance’.

Today’s AWWE members are drawn from a wide geographical area, both within and outside Wales, and from many different fields, not just academia. Annual membership of the Association includes a subscription to Almanac: the Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English, as well as a reduced for the annual conference.

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