The Long Revolution

Raymond Williams
ISBN: 9781908069719
Foreword by Anthony Barnett
This is a new edition of the influential critical text which secured Raymond Williams’ reputation as one of the foremost writers and thinkers of his generation.
In The Long Revolution Raymond Williams examines the gradual change which is came over the political, economic, and cultural life of the late 21st Century, laying special emphasis on the 'creative mind' in relation to our social and cultural thinking. He turns to a fascinating historical study of education and the press, tracing the development of a common language, and revealing the links between ideas, literary forms, and social history.
Can Britain ever achieve a common culture? And should we want one?

About the author:

Raymond Williams was born in 1921 in the Welsh border village of Pandy. He taught at both Oxford and Cambridge, and in 1974 was appointed as Professor of Drama at Cambridge. His best-known publications include; Culture and Society (1958), Border Country (1964), The Country and the City (1973), Keywords (1976) and Marxism and Literature (1977).
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