Jon Gower's Library of Wales Reading Challenge


Hay International Fellow Jon Gower has set himself a New Year challenge to read all of the titles currently published by the Library of Wales.  With a total of 33 books, from the best-selling novels such as Raymond Williams' Border Country to newly-discovered literary gems such as Margiad Evans' Turf or Stone, this series has something for everyone. Gower will begin his challenge, symbolically, on 1st of March 2012 - both World Book Day and St David's Day.
The author and cultural commentator is hoping to complete the Library of Wales series in one year: "I've already read quite a few of the volumes in this marvellous collection, but, being a completist, I thought I'd like to read the whole lot.  It'll give me a chance to reassess some of my all time favourites such as Raymond Williams' Border Country and also, hopefully, discover a good many new books to enthuse about.  The Library of Wales is a great idea, beautifully packaged.  It sheds new light on neglected books, bringing them back onto the book shelf.  But up there they're worth nothing, they're just decorating a room. They have to be read to mean anything."

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