Announcing Story, Vols. I & II

Announcing Story, Vols. I & II

Launching on March 26th, 2014 are two new additions to the Library of Wales' formidable arsenal: Story, Volumes I and II, two short story anthologies which possess an unsurpassed compliation of Anglo-Welsh tales spanning the whole of the 20th century and beyond, from the dawn of the 1900s and the First World War all the way through to the contemporary, post-industrial valleys of the 2000s, via the Second World War and the tumultuous Miners' Strikes of the Eighties.

Edited by series regular Dai Smith, the collections feature a peerless selection of over 80 stories drawn from a staggering array of talent, including both past legends, such as Arthur Machen, Alun Richards and Dylan Thomas, and the modern day's most acclaimed, including Rachel Trezise, Lewis Davies and Stevie Davies. Stories range from Arthur Machen’s 'The Gift of Tongues', Rhys Davies’ 'The Dark World' and Caradoc Evans’ 'The Coffin', to Leonora Brito’s 'Dat’s Love', Gee Williams’ 'Blood Etc.' and Rachel Trezise’s 'Fresh Apples'... While along the way we have everything from the fields of Ynys Mon to the bars of Barcelona in a thought provoking and highly entertaining selection.


Specific details regarding the launch are to be confirmed, but we can confirm it will take place at Swansea University on Wednesday, 26th March, 2014. More information will be circulated when we know it, so watch this space!

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