Welsh Books Council Joint Book of the Month March 2016


...the greatest account of trench warfare...

Phil Carradice, BBC 

    “Old soldiers never die,  
       Never die, never die,  
       Old soldiers never die — 
       They simply fade away. 

       Old soldiers never die,  
       Never die, never die, 
       Old soldiers never die — 
       Young ones wish they would.”


sings a popular barrack ballad, as General Macarthur quotes in one of his famous speeches. 

Two new titles for the Library of Wales series in 2016.

Arguably the greatest of all published memoirs of the Great War, Old Soldiers Never Die is Private Frank Richards’ classic account of the war from the standpoint of the regular soldier, and a moving tribute to the army that died on the Western Front in 1914.

In this remarkable tale, Richards recounts life in the trenches as a member of the famous Royal Welch Fusiliers, with all its death and camaraderie, in graphic detail, vividly bringing to life the trials and tribulations faced by the ordinary rank and file.


Also by Frank Richards in the Library of Wales series is the Old Soldier Sahib.

...a remarkable and fascinating account... --Phil Carradice, BBC 

Old Soldier Sahib is Frank Richards’ account of his experiences as a Royal Welch Fusilier in India and Burma at the dawn of the 20th century.

Richards recounts with brutal honesty the everyday life of a common soldier in the Indian Empire, where prostitutes beckon, alcohol flows freely, and deadly diseases threaten to strike down even the hardiest of men. 


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