31 Stories in May at Hay!: Day 19 ‘Boys of Gold’ by George Brinley Evans

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Day 19: 'Boys of Gold' by George Brinley Evans

(Taken from Boys of Gold, 2000)



George Brinley Evans was born in the mining village of Banwen, in Dyffryn Cellwen, in 1925. He began working in Banwen Colliery, the local Onllwyn coal mine, at the age of 14, in 1939. He joined the army at 18, during the Second World War serving in Burma with the 856 Motor Boats, first with the 15th India Corps then the 12th Army. He returned to work in Banwen Colliery mine after the War, married and raised a family before losing an eye in an accident in the Cornish Drift, when he had to leave mining. He began to produce work as a sculptor in addition to his painting after his accident and also wrote scripts for independent television and the BBC. He returned to industry and finally to opencast mining in 1977. His fiction, painting and sculptures have been widely published and exhibited. He published his first book, the short-story collection Boys of Gold, to critical acclaim in 2000, at the age of 77. His autobiography, Where the Flying Fishes Play, is a record of his time as a young man of eighteen, when he joined one of the last major campaigns of World War II. He still lives and works in Banwen, where he is involved in the local community and concentrate on his writing.


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Selected bibliography

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Contributed to

Story I (anthology) (Library of Wales, 2014)

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