A Horse-trek with Dannie Abse

(Ogmore Castle)

There’s nothing better to do on a beautiful summer’s day than listen to poetry while wandering through the country. So that’s exactly what we did, but with a twist: instead of walking, we horse-trekked our way through beautiful Ogmore. 

(the literary tour begins at Ogmore Farm Riding Centre)

On Saturday 18th May, Parthian teamed up with Literature Wales as Dr Kate North and Tom Anderson led a group of anxious literature fans, mainly Dannie Abse fans, across the Ogmore sand dunes on horseback, talking about Dannie’s time in that very place. As everyone got kitted up and introduced to their hairy friend for the day, Parthian got to know the Ogmore Farm Riding Centre’s horses…


(Chucky, the very nosey and affectionate foal)

Afterwards, those who were not so brave to partake in the horse ride (Parthian included), gathered at the stunningly located Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre for an intimate Q&A and reading with Dannie, who is celebrating his 90th birthday this year – happy birthday, Dannie!

(Tom Anderson and Dr Kate North intensely listen to Dannie Abse)


It was a special day for all those who attended, Dannie’s poems really came alive as he read poems from his collections that were inspired by the Ogmore coast.


To see more pictures from the day's advenutre, head over to the Parthian Facebook site.

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