Parthian Meets Royalty


At the Hay Festival Parthian was lucky enough to present Prince Charles with a complete set of the Library of Wales series.
Twenty years ago, the Prince's Trust gave Parthian Director, Richard Davies, £2000 to set up a publishing company. Twenty years on, Parthian employees and authors met Prince Charles at the Hay Festival to show him just how well Parthian has done! 
(photo taken by Dimitris Legakis of Dimitris Legakis Photography) Prince Charles reads from Poetry.
The prince was pleased to hear about Parthian's success and was incredibly touched as he was presented with prestigious Welsh titles.
Author George Brinley Evans, who was at the Hay meeting, has a fan in Prince Charles, and was told that the Prince of Wales has a copy of all of his books. 
As the prince leaned in to shake hands with George, he noticed the Burma Star badge on his jacket and expressed how proud his uncle would have been. 

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