Country Dance and Border Country available as 99p Kindle ebooks throughout May


Library of Wales treats for you all: Border Country by Raymond Williams is just 99p as part of the Kindle 100 promotion for the whole of May 2013 as is Country Dance by Margiad Evans
Border Country
'I do not think I have ever been so moved by a modern novel... It has made me take stock of my own position.' - Dennis Potter
When railway signalman Harry Price suffers a stroke his son Matthew, a lecturer in London, makes a return to the border village of Glynmawr. As Matthew and Harry struggle with their memories of social and personal change, a beautiful and moving portrait of the love between a father and son emerges.
About the author:
Raymond Williams was born in 1921 in the Welsh border village of Pandy. He taught at both Oxford and Cambridge, and in 1974 was appointed as Professor of Drama at Cambridge. His best-known publications include; Culture and Society (1958), The Long Revolution (1961), The Country and the City (1973), Keywords (1976) and Marxism and Literature (1977).
Country Dance:
"Phenomenon in border country writing, and pretty rare in any writing."
- John Powell Ward
"Written with terse incisive power... the novels of Margiad Evans glow with a dark... passionate light."
- Derek Savage
At the heart of Country Dance is Ann Goodman, a young woman torn by ‘the struggle for supremacy in her mixed blood’, Welsh and English. In this story of passion and murder set in the border country, the rural way of life is no idyll but a hard battle for survival.
About the author:
Artist and writer Margiad Evans (Peggy Whistler) was born in Uxbridge in 1909. Her work includes Country Dance (1932); The Wooden Doctor (1933); Turf or Stone (1934), and Creed (1936), as well as non-fiction, short stories, autobiography and two collections of poetry, Poems from Obscurity (1947) and A Candle Ahead (1956).
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