Valentine's Day reading: Dan Rhodes picks Dorothy Edward's 'Rhapsody' for his top 10 marriage tales


It is Valentine's Day and author Dan Rhodes has a plethora of articles in the newspapers relating to his wonderful new book of short short stories Marry Me. Our favourite article is this top 10 for The Guardian which chooses a Library of Wales title as number 6. Better than the gift of flowers, although some of the Parthian team got them too.
6. Rhapsody by Dorothy Edwards
If you have a friend who is about to marry somebody hopelessly incompatible and is planning on living with them in a large, isolated house without electricity, you must do everything you can to get them to read "A Country House" from this collection. It might just give them pause for thought. Please read this overlooked masterpiece. I bet you don't - I'm always on about it, but nobody ever listens.
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Buy Rhapsody from the Parthian online bookshop for £7.99. This title is also available as an ebook from all good online outlets including and Amazon.

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