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"The Library of Wales will keep in print the English-language literature of Wales in ways that will connect our past to our present."
- Dai Smith

A Man's Estate by Emyr Humphreys A Rope of Vines by Brenda Chamberlain Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve by Dannie Abse Black Parade by Jack Jones Border Country by Raymond Williams Congratulate the Devil by Howell Davies Country Dance by Margiad Evans Cwmardy & We Live by Lewis Jones Dai Country by Alun Richards Home To An Empty House by Alun Richards I Sent a Letter to My Love by Bernice Rubens In The Green Tree by Alun Lewis Jampot Smith by Jeremy Brooks Make Room for the Jester by Stead Jones Poetry 1900-2000 by Meic Stephens (editor) Rhapsody by Dorothy Edwards So Long Hector Bebb by Ron Berry Sport by Gareth Williams (editor) The Alone to the Alone by Gwyn Thomas The Battle to the Weak by Hilda Vaughan The Caves of Alienation by Stuart Evans The Dark Philosophers by Gwyn Thomas The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen The Heyday in the Blood by Geraint Goodwin The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen The Valley, The City, The Village by Glyn Jones The Withered Root by Rhys Davies Turf or Stone by Margiad Evans Voices of the Children by George Ewart Evans

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